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When a person has decided to move into a rental community the next step most often involves signing an agreement and other documents.  An agreement is a “meeting of the minds.” It is extremely important that the person understands what they are signing and that both parties have the same understanding.  


  • Give the person ample time to review the documents before signing.  This includes giving them the opportunity to contact a support person or resource.  They should never feel rushed or under duress when signing documents.
  • Give the person a copy at the time they signed the documents.  Keep a copy of the signed documents and always be willing to provide another copy if the person requests it.  
  • Avoid having language in your documents that states you are complying with housing or other laws unless you understand them and have verified that you are.  This can be perceived as being misleading.    

When developing your rental agreements, house rules and other documents it is critical that they are legal, ethical and that both you and the person signing have a clear understanding of them. 

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